David Kipper, M.D.
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  I do not to align my practice with the regulations imposed by insurance companies and government-determined standards for making health care decisions. Instead, I offer a patient advocacy model that relies on spending the necessary time with each patient in order to provide options that may be instrumental in saving their lives. I do not accept insurance in my practice nor allow the government to dictate what is in the best interest of my patient simply because it will save someone money.

Today we know that simple heart scans (non-invasive and relatively inexpensive) can determine a person’s vulnerability to heart disease, which allows the doctor and patient to intervene and prevent a predictable heart attack. Insurance companies do not pay for these examinations, since it falls under the “preventative medicine” umbrella. Imagine how many bypass operations and horrible surgeries could be prevented if these tests were covered as part of your insurance plan. Insurance companies refuse to cover MRI scanning for breast cancer detection, even though this has been shown to be the most sensitive diagnostic tool for discovering this disease. Using the MRI over conventional mammography would reduce radiation exposure, eliminate the uncomfortable mashing of the breasts while getting a mammogram, and improve diagnostic sensitivity dramatically. Finding a cancer early allows for better cure rates.
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