David Kipper, M.D.
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  During my thirty years of practice I have watched the “relationship” part of the doctor-patient relationship evaporate. Corporate run health agencies, insurance policies, and even governmental regulations have driven a wedge between the doctor and the patient. Under our current model, patients are lucky to spend five minutes with a physician for their visit are limited to diagnostics and therapeutics based on insurance company determined “bottom line” decisions. The frustration is palpable between patients and their doctors.

The paradox is that in our age of accelerating technology and information exchange, there is a better opportunity for the doctor and patient to partner in health care decisions. Based on our genetic landmines that can now be determined through simple testing, medical care can now be personalized. Because access to medical care is now sadly limited, most people turn to the Internet as their first source of medical information. This is extremely dangerous since so much of this information is anecdotal and generic. The headache that John complains of may have no reference to the same symptoms that affects Mary. The Internet helps one decide when to call the doctor; the hard part is finding the doctor.
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