David Kipper, M.D.
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  Concierge care is the ultimate in patient advocacy.  It works like this:  an annual custom-built health plan is outlined after a thorough physical exam and completing the appropriate diagnostics.  These studies include state of the art imaging, laboratory studies, and consultations as may be individually required.

Imagine you are the Concierge patient and you complete our examination at our office.  You are advised to have a body scan with a heart CT.  You are nervous about what they find so your doctor goes with you to the appointment to talk you through it and consult with the specialist.  So before you leave the radiology office you have been given your results and the appropriate plan of action.
Suppose you are sick at home and can’t make it to the office, the doctor or nurse will come to you.  If you are going away we can help you find a doctor wherever you are.
This approach to medical care is not only ideal for the patient, but for me too.  With a limited patient load I can devote the utmost attention to each patient.  I have time to investigate the state of the art in diagnostics, therapeutics and specialists for each problem that surfaces.  I also have the time to educate my patients on their issues and keep them updated on research related to their individual health problems.
I am available, along with my staff, 24/7.


    We schedule generous appointment times and you can usually be seen the same day you call.