David Kipper, M.D.
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  Dr. Kipper was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended medical school at the University of California at Los Angeles.  He has practiced internal medicine in Beverly Hills for three decades and co-founded the Medical Group of Beverly Hills in 1987, which is the largest multispecialty group in the community. 
Dr. Kipper’s twenty year interest in addiction medicine developed when a close friend and patient committed suicide in an attempt to get sober.  At that moment he began a journey to better understand and treat this pervasive disease seen in every medical practice.  Unfortunately there was no training in these disorders in 1970 when Dr. Kipper entered medical school.  Today, almost forty years later, only ten percent of medical schools offer training in addictive disorders and only one percent of all physicians in this country treat addiction. 
Dr. Kipper is a member of the California Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.  Dr. Kipper is completing a book on the newly discovered origins and most advanced treatments of addictive disorders and he hosts a weekly interactive radio program on KABC about addiction.  Dr. Kipper has created a Project dedicated to providing addiction care to those afflicted and without the awareness of and adequate resources to enter expensive treatment programs. Dr. Kipper has published numerous articles on health and health care policy and has been asked to appear as an expert commentator on all major networks on issues relating to internal medicine, addiction, and health care.

“I am involved in the practice of cardiovascular diseases, and I was frequently asked to consult on Dr. Kipper’s patients either in the office or in the hosptial setting.   His care of the patient prior to my evaluation was generally excellent and the reasons for the referral were generally fully indicated.  The patients were clearly cared for quite well by Dr. David Kipper, and they exhibited considerable trust in his medical judgement...

- Steven W. Tabak, MD, FACC
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine