David Kipper, M.D.
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  It is a privilege to be a doctor, to help people on a daily basis and develop relationships that are meaningful and lasting.  I am especially grateful for the trust and loyalty that my patients have given me through the years.
As a general internist I have the luxury of treating the “entire patient”.  I not only have the opportunity to deal with the science, but also the psychological and the behavioral influences on their illness.  To deal with all this it is imperative that we as physicians take the time to talk to our patients – the answers are all there if you just listen.  Patients are frustrated with the doctor’s lack of time and doctors today are frustrated with the same issue – their time is limited because our health care system needs CPR.  Advocating for our patient’s rights has become another specialty, but vital in preserving the time-honored doctor – patient relationship.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. David Kipper
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